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Notes from the Trail:
Canyon View Preserve

Written by Visit Auburn on . Posted in Outdoor Adventures, Visit Auburn CA

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Nice family hike is easily overlooked in Auburn

This is the second in an ongoing series spotlighting trails in the Auburn area.

By Don Chaddock

canyon_view_preserve_6_foresthill_bridgeThere is a gem hidden on Upper Lincoln Way, just below the Cal-Star helicopter pad – a family friendly hiking trail. The relatively new trail and nature preserve is owned and operated by Placer Land Trust.

Known as Canyon View Preserve, the small trail has really made strides since it was opened a few years ago. Expansion has included a picnic area complete with benches and a shade structure.

When pressed for time, one of the benefits of this trail is the easy access – across from the Bowman park-and-ride lot on Lincoln Way near Interstate 80.

canyon_view_preserve_1a_signFrom Auburn, take the Bowman exit, turn right onto Bowman and left at the Upper Lincoln Way intersection. The parking lot is at the intersection. Across from the lot, you’ll see a yellow service gate but as soon as you cross the road, follow the little trail, don’t go through the gate or down the paved roadway. You’ll see a small sign near the narrow dirt trail indicating what’s allowed in the preserve.



The trail boasts numerous bridges to cross the small creeks and is easily accessible by young children. My 4- and 6-year-old children had no problems.

With the two young ones in tow, the entire hike took about an hour and we had a few snacks at the picnic area, which overlooks the canyon.

If you go: Make sure it’s been dry for at least a week or the trail could get muddy. When parking in the lot, take valuables with you. Do not leave purses or backpacks in the car. Take a bottle of water for each person and use sunscreen or wear a broad-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun, even if it’s cloudy.


Did you know? The preserve is also known as the Canyon View Riparian Restoration and Trail Project, funded in part by Proposition 84, a parks and water bond passed in 2006. The preserve is owned and operated by Placer Land Trust. Learn more at PlacerLandTrust.org.

What you’ll see: Creeks, views of the American River Canyon, oak and some pine trees.

Caution: A sign warns trail users about the dangers of mountain lions, black bears, ticks, rattlesnakes and poison oak. I spotted none of these on the hike.




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